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Guys!! Have you heard about the BWWlistens survey? Not yet? Then what are you waiting for, log on to and check out their amazing surveys with EXCITING GIVEAWAYS OFFERS? HURRY!! OFFERS VALID TILL LIMITED TIME  

About Buffalo Wild Wings 

Formerly known as Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck, Buffalo Wild Wings is an American dining restaurant and sports bar franchise, in Canada, India and the United States. This chain of Buffalo wings is especially known for Buffalo-style Chicken wings along with many appetizers and is considered to be the top 10 fastest growing restaurant chains in America.  

Did you know????

Buffalo Wild Wings estimated revenue in the year 2016 was around US$ 1.99 Billion

Buffalo Wild Wings is also famously known for its “Blazin Wing Challenge”. Buffalo Wild Wings challenge their customers to eat 12 extreme hot wings in six minutes, and the winner will be awarded a free BWW T-shirt.

BWWListens Survey

BWWlistens feedback survey: Importance

Buffalo Wild Wings came up with a feedback survey for their customers which are known as the BWWlistens survey. They conduct this survey to get the insight of their existing customers. In this survey, the customers have to answers some simple questions related to Buffalo Wild Wings that include parameters such as food quality, cleanliness, and behavior of the staff, services, food quality and many more. The ultimate objective of this survey is to understand the insights of the consumers and as a future reference this helps BWW to provide better services and food quality as per the customer survey recommendations. Log on to to check out BWW satisfactory survey page.

Buffalo Wild Wings Feedback


BWWlistens customer survey is conducted online. If you have made a recent purchase from Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar then don’t forget to participate in the survey. Log on to the official website of Buffalo Wild Wings survey and get an instant survey code, using this code you will have an opportunity to win a $5 coupon. 

**Founded 36 years ago in Columbus**

Regulations for BWWlisteners survey 

To complete the Buffalo Wild Wings survey you need to pass through certain pointers adhering to the company policy:

  • To participate you are required to be a citizen of the USA
  • Basic understanding of French, Spanish and English
  • Must be above 18 to take part
  • The receipt of the food should not exceed more than a week, **in many cases they mention the receipt should not be more than 2 days old. 
  • You can easily redeem your coupon code within a time slot of 30 days
  • You must dedicate 5-10 minutes for completion of the survey

Note** during the survey entry BWWlistens allows each person at a time, which means one customer will be able to make an entry per household. 

How to proceed: Step by Step Guide

  • Open your PC browser and enter the official website of BWWlistens

Official Buffalo Wild Wings

  • After opening the survey sheet, you will be asked to enter the 16 digit code number from your recent receipt.
  • Enter the code without giving any space, after successfully entering the code you will be redirected to a page where you have to answer several questions that are related to food and services


  • Answer all the questions according to your experience with Buffalo Wild Wings. 
  • During the end of the survey, you will be asked to provide your contact details, this can be used for future reference.

How to obtain Buffalo Wild Wings rewards 

Buffalo Wild Wings optimizes a unique way to attract its customers for participating in the survey, BWW provides you a flat $5 discount code, and you can later use this coupon code in any of BWW franchise in the USA. You can redeem your $5 on a purchase of $25 food.

Buffalo Wild Wings

To redeem your coupon code, you must ensure that you write the code on the receipt that you have used to access the survey. Make sure that you carry the code written on the receipt, whenever you visit Buffalo Wild Wings for food purchase.

**Note- You can take advantage of free $5 coupon code unless and until you fill the survey form

  • Visit the official website of BWWlistens and select the language you want to utilize for obtaining the BWW survey discount.
  • Take out the details of your last Buffalo Wild Wings receipt
  • Click  next to answer all the survey related questions
  • For obtaining the $5 coupon voucher send the 15 digit Buffalo Wild Wings code to the BWWlistens survey, so that you get your redemption instantly.

Survey Tip: Successfully recording your feedback

There is a proverb “Too many cooks spoil the broth”, that means if too many people are involved in one task, it will not be done well, in the same context if you wonder to put unnecessary efforts justify your feedback survey, Buffalo Wild Wings might not find the reasoning to be genuine and you may lose to get the golden opportunity for having a 5 dollar coupon.

Buffalo Wild Wings wants to acknowledge your honest experience, so if you answer the given questions with correct fact and loyalty then it can draw the attention of the administrative person who is responsible for this due course. In case you suggest something out of the box and experimental then you can be considered as a special customer, which might lead you to enjoy extra benefits in the future as well.

So, choose your words wisely!!

Survey Restrictions

Buffalo Wild Wings are extremely conscious about their surveys, so they also try to maintain some stringent restrictions as well. We are mentioning some handful of restrictions for your prior knowledge that may help you to complete the survey more easily.

  • Participants of the BWWlistens survey is not permitted to tweak with the receipt code, if you are caught you have to face legal charges
  • When you are participating in the survey you are strictly prohibited from giving any kind of false personal information, if found you will be banned from taking part in the surveys in future

  • After receiving the validation code you are not allowed to disclose it with anyone
  • Working employees or connected persons with them of Buffalo Wild Wings are not allowed to take part in the BWWlistens survey
  • Legal residents of the United States are only allowed to take part in BWWlistens survey, residents from India, Canada cannot take part in this survey
  • You will not be entertained if you complete the survey on anyone’s behalf
  • The questions that are asked during the survey should not be disclosed to anyone, you will not be allowed to share the information with anyone
  • Participants from this survey are advised strictly not to influence anyone’s feedback

Ending Points

We hope that we have made you understand all the information about the BWWlistens survey. If you have any other survey related queries click here. So, guys why waiting for more, grab your coupon code now!!

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