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What is Miami Dade Clerk?

Miami Dade is a county in the State of Florida and Clerk of the Board refers to the official who has been chosen through elections and they provide administrative help to the people who are appointed as Board of County Commissioners. He is elected for a term of 4 years by an election body of Miami-Dade County. The clerk of the Board is an authorized official of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit & County Courts which is a part of the Florida Constitution. He is assigned to check and balances the County Government and acts as a public trustee.

Miami Dade Clerk

Image: Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers

Responsibilities of the Clerk

A county clerk is vested with many powers and responsibilities are imposed by the State Constitution, Regulations & Judicial Orders, County Ordinances and the Florida State Statutes. 

He is an authorized member of the constitution to look after important tasks such as:

  • Maintaining all the records filed in the Court

He puts every effort to provide support to the public. He takes care of the administration as well as the clerical assignments empowered by the Board. Different types of issues like domestic violence, criminal cases, alimony, etc are the main areas of Court Service. Here is a link provided to collect more information regarding Court service areas & Clerk’s services. Click here 

  • County Auditor

The county Auditor administers the budget and balances the funds to meet that budget. He is powered with all governing county finances. He is a responsible officer who oversights all financial books & maintains it for records.

There are some duties of the county auditor to be specified:

  1. Payroll processing
  2. Audits the accounts of the different county departments

Why a county Auditor is appointed? What is the qualification he must acquire?

The County Auditor acts as a Fiscal Officer of the County, oversights all types of financial books and records the information of County officials. County Auditor is appointed to check and balance the finances of the county government. He mainly administers the budget and keeps a perfect balance to meet that budget.

County Auditor is authorized official to reject or accept disbursement claims of county funds. 


A county Auditor must be well-qualified to understand the laws and accounts of the County. 

  1. He must possess a decent and moral character for tactfully handling the issues of the public.
  2. It must be efficient to understand and regulate the public business.
  3. Must be qualified and expertise in accounting and auditing.
  4. Able to handle official systems and develop interpersonal relationships.

In case of any doubts related to, click here

  • Tracking and balancing all County Funds

Parking violations are liable to pay a penalty or fines in court. For payment, they walk into courts and the County Clerk keeps a check on the amounts imposed on them during the violation of traffic rules.

  • County Recorder

The Miami-Dade County Clerk provides professional support to the public in an efficient manner. As a County Recorder, he records several types of information on payment charges given by law. He is a custodian member to record public files and maintain all the necessary documents related to mortgages, affidavits, powers of attorney, deeds, liens judgments and more. 

Before recording for Mortgage Taxes, Fees & Real Estate Transfer Taxes the clerk collects all the required details from the Court. County Clerk is a solely responsible officer to preserve and record official records of the public. He records the secured documents in a book named “Official Records.”. If you want to check more details: Click here

Generally, the Miami-Dade County Clerk provides full support to the public, courts, County Commission and legal community.

During Board meetings (Clerk’s role)

The Miami-Dade Clerk precedes all the rules and regulations of the County Commission. He provides unbiased and accurate information to the public irrespective of the activities of the county government. The clerk is designated to pursue several functions at the time of Board meetings:

  • Tally and declaring the voting results
  • Cancel the meeting  when the Chairperson is not present
  • Conducts the Oath of Office for recently elected officials
  • Custodian of the Board’s seal
  • Acts as an authorized governing official to administer and record the activities of the Board and County.
  • Advertises legal updates of Board meetings, public hearings, bid notices, auctions and Zoning issues.
  • Annual meeting Calendar of the Board is prepared with different departments such as the Zoning department, Chairperson, Metropolitan Planning Organization and County Attorney. He circulates the calendar as soon it is approved by these governing departments.
  • Permits and allows to start the business with the Miami-Dade County
  • He appoints and regulates different individuals for the advisory boards and recording their details.
  • Assuring the public to collect accurate information and the actions prepared by the Board.

Eligibility criteria

At the time of the election, the candidate must be minimum 21 years of age and a resident (2 years) of Miami-Dade,  Florida. 

Election process

The election process is impartial and conducted in a fair manner as it a part of democracy. It mainly depends on the public’s trust and belief in the election procedure. Miami-Dade clerk is elected by the Board of County Commissioners.


The clerk is elected for a term of 4 years By Miami-Dade County, Florida.

County Clerk’s Goal

Miami-Dade Clerk is an efficient clerk who administers and proceeds the public issues, technological and strategic regulations.

Areas of focus:

  1. Provides fair assistance to people and help them with quality service.
  2. Meeting the demands of the public who want to access the County clerk’s services.
  3. Developing more information for the public.
  4. Planning to construct a technical architecture for a better future.
  5. Imparts extensive ideas and thoughts among the employees.

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