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Stop and Shop Supermarket Company, popularly known as Stop and Shop is a supermarket chain initiated and situated in United States. From the very beginning of its establishment in 1892, it has started to supply its customers with best quality grocery products as a renowned brand in retail industry. Stop and Shop has introduced a guest satisfaction survey, named TalkToStopAndShop Survey, to know customers’ feedback regarding their products and services. Here, we will provide you all details for completing this survey so that you can Stop and Shop to enhance the quality of their service. Through this survey customers also get a chance to win exciting rewards.


Stop and Shop Products

Being a subsidiary of Dutch supermarket operator, Stop and Shop started this business. Headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts Stop and Shop has now become a grocery store with 415 branches although it started as a small grocery shop. Although Stop and Shop initiated as a grocery store, it has later on expanded its item-list with the following products:

  • Bakery
  • Flowers
  • Meats 
  • Seafood
  • Dairy
  • General Merchandise
  • Pharmacy
  • Gasoline

Stop and Shop Customer Satisfaction Survey

Are you aware of Stop and Shop TalkToStopAndShop Guest Satisfaction Survey? Let me make you know what it is and how you can complete the survey. This customer Satisfaction Survey is nothing but a way invented by Stop and Shop to measure the level of customer satisfaction. Customers are given priority by any organization for they are considered to be important stakeholders of this business. Their opinion means a lot to the organization for quality implementation of those products produced by the company. Stop and Shop has received a massive response from its customers through this survey. Their tool for knowing customers’ feedback has been reported to be properly utilized. 

With more than 82,000 employees Stop and Shop has gained the ability of earning $15.2 billion revenue (As per 2015 record). Stop and Shop has succeeded to this extent only because they have gained complete customer satisfaction.

Are you a regular customer of Stop and Shop and don’t know about this survey? Listen, don’t miss that survey. If you don’t complete this survey, you may miss interesting prize amount offered by Stop and Shop.

  • Aim of Survey

This Customer Satisfaction Survey by Stop and Shop particularly intends to know what customers are feeling regarding Stop and Shop’s service and products. Stop and Shop will thus get a chance to know their drawbacks. For enhancing quality of service, this survey will be helpful. If any customers have any problem or complaint they can directly inform this company without any third-party integration. Furthermore, Stop and Shop can clearly get to know the demands and needs of people and can bring necessary changes accordingly. As this survey is not much time-consuming, customers will have to pay a little time for this. On the other hand, Stop and Shop will be able to know all their product and service related feedback and complaints about improving service in future.

Requirements and Restrictions for Stop and Shop Survey

Stop and Shop has fixed some requirements and restrictions for proceeding with this survey. Let me tell you what they are:


  • You need to have a Stop and Shop receipt for taking part in this online survey procedure.
  • A PC, laptop or smartphone is required with strong internet connection.
  • Each entrant can get maximum five entries per entry-period.
  • You need to be 18 years of age.
  • Potential winners of Prize require to submit an Affidavit of their eligibility within 7 days of getting notification receipt for claiming that Prize.


  • This TalkToStopAndShop Survey is void where it is strictly prohibited or restricted by law.
  • Winners of survey are restricted for paying all state, federal and local taxes on the reward offered by Shop and Stop.
  • People who are engaged with Stop and Shop as directors, officers, affiliates, managers, dealers, subsidiaries, and promotion or advertising agencies are not allowed to participate in this TalkToStopAndShop Survey conducted by Stop and Shop.
  • Feedback based on partial views cannot be shared.
  • Winners are not given the chance of redeeming, sharing or transferring their prize.

If you are eligible for this survey, don’t wait further. Hurry up! Shop and Stop is waiting to give the reward.

Guidance for Survey by Stop and Shop 

There are 2 methods for your entry in this sweepstakes monthly contest:

  • Mail-in Method
  • Online Method 

You will be glad to see that here is a step by step guide for conducting TalkToStopAndShop Survey. If you have been to a Stop and Shop store ever and bought any item then you can certainly avail of Stop and Shop offers for completing that survey. Follow the steps below:

Mail-in Method

  1. First, you have to write these following things on a 3″*5″ card paper:
  • Your first and last name
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP Code
  • Contact Number (With area code)
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address
  1. Then mail it to “Stop and Shop In-Store Customer Satisfaction Survey”postal address- PO Box 10430 Rochester, New York 14610.

Online Method

  •   Firstly, you need to go to the following website:

  •   Tap “Next” button to start.
  •   You then have to provide a 20-digit survey pin from your Stop and Shop receipt.
  •   Give honest answers to all those question you will be asked.
  •     Then you need to provide your contact information.

After completing this survey, you will get a chance to win an exciting prize. Are you getting interested to complete this survey? Don’t wait further. It’s your time for being Stop and Shop lucky winner.

Rewards After Completing Survey

TalkToStopAndShop survey

After the survey is done, you are eligible for gaining the reward. The reward is attractive enough for convincing the customers to conduct this TalkToStipAndShop Guest Satisfaction Survey. You can win a gift card worth $500. After getting it, you may shop as you wish from Stop and Shop. After successful completion of TalkToStopAndShop survey, you require to provide personal details in a given entry form to receive entry into sweepstakes drawing. 

  • Stop and Shop Contact Details

If you face any problem or you have any query regarding this survey process, feel free to contact Stop and Shop using the following contact details.

Stop and Shop has brought this great opportunity for you. Do you want to miss it? You need not waste further time. Believe me, this TalkToStopAndShop Survey has enabled Stop and Shop to know what their customers are exactly feeling about their products and services. Won’t you like to inform Stop and Shop about your problems that you have faced during your visit to Stop and Shop? Customers can also suggest something about their service quality implementation. You just need to fill up a survey form that will not demand a lot of time from your busy schedule.

If you haven’t visited any Stop and Shop store, just go for it and have a great shopping experience with Shop and Stop. Don’t forget to conduct a survey for grabbing a reward. Thank you!

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