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All the loyal customers of Giant Food are allowed to visit their customer satisfaction survey namely ‘TalkToGiant Survey’ which you can find by clicking here or here. This survey is designed to understand the customer’s first-hand experience about their products and services. The management of this organization is keenly interested to develop a customer experience which is completely based on original customers’ needs. This survey is not only built to collect the valuable feedback of their customers but it is also designed to reward their customers too. This organization gives much importance to each customer’s feedback, as they have a mentality where customers are always correct. Therefore, they just want an honest answer from their customers to improve on the things which they will address as a suggestion. 

TalkToGiant Survey

  • Importance of TalkToGiant Customer Satisfaction Survey

Giant Food customer satisfaction survey usher a whole new contest in the market. Therefore, they have introduced the value of receiving customer reviews in this regard. In this context most of the organizations have set their strategies according to their professionals which executes in a year or two. This is the only medium to know their overall performance, customer satisfaction and many more factors. Thereby, it works like a mirror to their organization performance. Hereby, we can say that this is an absolute way to get success for every company. 

This survey process is available at which helps the company to bin all the issues and furnish the pros for the customer, so that they can enjoy an outstanding shopping experience. Thereby, every feedback is much valuable for the organization to make corrections of the issues which are dependent on survey. This organization appreciates all participants’ effort and therefore they are serving a golden opportunity to win a gift card. Customers who participate in this survey can get an opportunity to win a $500 gift card.        

  • Process to Win a $500 Gift Card in Giant Food Survey

There are a couple of steps and indicators to win this gift card worth $500. Now we will discuss about these elaborately in the following-

Survey Requirements

  • You should be a legal and permanent resident of the United States specifically (DC, DE, MD OR VA) to get participate in this customer survey.
  • It’s needed for the customers to provide their entry submission between the time of April 1 and June 30.
  • All the customers should have a common understanding of English language to take part in the Giant Food Survey. 
  • Moreover, you should have a latest sales receipt of Giant Food to get enter in the required details.

Survey Restrictions

  • All the employees including directors, sponsor, officers, managers and even their family members are strictly prohibited to get a part in this survey. Not only that!! Any related organizations, promotion, advertising agencies, consultants, agent and dealers are not eligible to participate in this survey. 
  • Giant Food survey is invalid to do anything if there is any restriction or prohibition by the law. 
  • Moreover, winners are not permitted to transfer their price to anyone.  

Instructions for Survey Participants

There are a number of steps to complete the survey process for all participants. We displayed these steps in the following for your convenience-

  1. First visit the TalkToGiant survey which would be located at
  2. Thereafter you should carefully read the instructions of that site.
  3. Here, you will welcome to participate in this TalkToGiant survey.
  4. There you can get your sales receipt.
  5. Thereafter you will find a box where you will be asked to enter the 20-Digit pin. You can find this pin on the bottom side of your Giant Food sales receipt.
  6. In this part, you need to ensure that there are no spaces remaining while entering the pin.
  7. After that you have to select this purple button which would be located at the rightmost bottom side of that survey page. 
  8. Then you need to answer all the questions according to your understanding and previous shopping experience.
  9. Here, you will be asked to provide personal details for the lucky draw contest.
  10. Finally, you have to recheck the entire things before you submit as your precious feedback.    
  • About Giant Food

In the early 90s the story of Giant Foods started, while they first launched their small fresh meat market in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. From the very beginning they give sufficient importance to their customers. The owner of this organization David D.J. Javitch launched the outlet with a single motive to serve fresh products and satisfy customers as they are the primary importance of every startup. The management of this organization always ensures the thing that the customer should get best products at the most reasonable price all time. They named their early shop as ‘Carlisle Meat market’ with the basic aim to maintain a high-quality of the product which entices customers from the direction. After that small meat shop they spread their business to more than 200 stores across the United States with unlimited happy satisfying customers. During this build up GIANT made a huge step to reach out to their customers more effectively. Thereby, they have decided to make their stores one-stop shop for all.


In 1997, customers were introduced to in-store where it seems like a time-saving technology, expanded departments, gas station, full-service floral departments and a vast selection for organic products. At their stores customers can get access to tablets which are sponsored by IBM to find their required items, locating departments and others multiple services with just a few touches. This does not end here!!  In 2000, they launched Bonuscard to reward their loyal customers which reach pre-set demands. However, this is not the first time that any company launched this strategy, there were already a number of organizations that introduced this strategy in the market. In the year of 2004, GIANT introduced a few crazy deals by launching ‘Nature’s Promise brand’ which covered the reasonable organic product packages and these are free from items. 


TalkToGiant Foods is a small survey which is designed to hear the demands and requirements of the customers. It may take hardly 10-12 minutes to complete the entire survey. Here, we suggest our customers answer honestly all the questions according to their shopping experience and product’s satisfaction. Now what are you thinking? Go and hit the survey link and give your valuable feedback to get a chance to win a gift card worth $500. If you are among the lucky winners then you may share your experience with us.

‘However, we have discussed everything about the TalkToGiant Foods survey and we also displayed the process to win the lucky draw gift card of $500. Now, this is your turn to hit the above mentioned link and become the winner of this gift card. Hope we are able to help you and you understand everything about this discussion.’            

  • FAQs   

Q1.) Where we can find the 20-Digit pin to access the official link of TalkToGiant Food?

You will find a box where you will be asked to enter the 20-Digit pin. You can find this pin on the bottom side of your Giant Food sales receipt.

Q2.) Is it necessary to be a legal citizen of the United States?

Yes, it is necessary to be a legal and permanent resident of the United States, especially (DC, DE, MD OR VA) to get participate in this survey.

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