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TellBaskinRobbins is place where the customers are free to make comments or even complaints. By sharing your feedback you can get $1 off on next ice cream.

Who doesn’t love ice-creams? Ice- creams suit every occasion and can uplift anybody’s mood. Love for ice cream has no age. From kids to adults to oldies, everybody has ice cream as their favorite dessert. People who are fans of this sweet serve also have a favorite spot where they could get the most delicious ice cream in the world. Speaking of best ice-cream spots, BaskinRobbins tops the list for most people. The brand is so popular that we can find their outlets in a number of places around the world.


The company enjoys a huge turnover every year and a huge population of people who are absolutely crazy about the brand. Baskin Robbins is so popular because they provide a wide variety of flavors and which gives customers an opportunity to choose a server of the day for them. Additionally, the brand also has a good quality of customer service and make sure to take care of all the problems their customers happen to face anytime or anywhere. So much so, they even created a page where they collect reviews and suggestions from their customers to make their services better.

The page is known as TellBaskinRobbins where the customers are free to make comments or even complaints about the people. It is more of a survey website in which the people have to participate and answer all the questions that the company has put up for them. The questions revolve around the experience that the customers had when they last visited the outlet. They can describe their favorite flavors, talk about the prices, the services they provide, the behavior of the staff, the location, etc.

  • TellDunkinbaskin and Telldunkin are both survey programs from Dunkin Donuts & Baskin robbins.


The company started the survey to gain more and more perspective on how they are doing in the market. They would get to know their strong and weak points and what are the things they need to work on. The customers can specifically mention the factors that caused them any sort of inconvenience and the company would be entitled to improve it so to bring up their performance. Through the survey, not just customers get benefits but the customers enjoy some advantages as well.


The website provides them a chance to speak their mind and express whatever they feel about the brand or the outlet they mostly visit. They would be able to contact the company through which they would be able to bring a change which could be bothering them for a while. For instance, a senior employee who doesn’t behave properly with a female customer or some price issues which the staff of the outlet doesn’t take into account could be taken care of. Apart from this, the people who take part in the survey also get some gift cards and discount coupons from the company as an appreciation gift. The coupon generated from the survey you take has to be submitted to the store to avail for the discounts.


This survey is a very formal activity that the company arranges to make sure their services are running properly and all their customers stay satisfied. Since they take their survey very seriously, they have introduced certain terms and conditions which the customers have to follow in order to make sure everything goes around fine in the process.

Listed below are the terms and conditions introduced by the company which would help you while participating for the survey:


One of the most important requirements of the company is the receipt that you receive from the store. The receipt has a code of the brand and the exact date and time of the day you visited the store. This is required to cross-check if you were actually a Baskin Robbins’ customer.


The survey also requires you to have your personal devices with you while you participate in the survey. The gadgets you use could be your Laptop, PC or tablet. You could avoid using a smartphone as you tend to miss some information when you scroll on your phone. Other than this, you also need a decent internet connection which won’t go out while you are in between the process.


In the survey, participants of all ages are allowed. However, you do have to mention the age for the purpose of statistics. Additionally, the family members or neighbors of the company’s employees are not allowed to participate as they prefer true and unbiased reviews from the participants.


As has been already mentioned, on successfully completing the survey, the company allows you discount and gift coupons. You can get a $1 discount on any ice-cream you choose to have. However, the ice-cream has to be of at least $4 to avail for the discount.


The participants of the survey should make sure that the coupon is not expired. The coupon should be used within 3-4 days of purchase. If the coupon expires before the survey process finishes, you won’t be to complete or enter the survey. This has to be kept in mind that only one coupon can be redeemed by one person.


Since there are so many benefits of answering a few simple questions, you shouldn’t miss a chance to support your favorite ice cream brand. Although the process is quite simple, we have prepared a guide for you stepwise which will help you complete the survey quickly.

  • To start with, go to the survey website, and choose the language which you are most comfortable without English, French, and Spanish.
  • Now enter the code and the asked details from the receipt. Once done, you can start with the questions.


  • Save the validation code you receive at the end to avail the discount.

Participate in one of the best surveys to take part in, earn discounts and enjoy a number of other benefits on completing the process.

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